Audrina Cardenas: The Baby Whose Heart is “So Big” That it Does Not Fit in Her Body.

Audrina Cardenas is a baby who was born in Texas, United States, but when she arrived in the world, she did so with a complication because her heart was outside her chest, due to a malformation called ectopia cordis, this condition causes the heart to be left out chest and can only be removed with surgery.

The little girl underwent multiple operations just one day after she was born, but thanks to these surgeries, the girl has turned two years old and has led a “normal” life, when the doctors did not give her a life expectancy beyond of three days.

Before she was born, the ultrasounds showed that something was not quite right so the doctors gave the parents the chance to have an abortion but they decided to go ahead despite the fact that 90 percent of children with this rare malformation do not. They manage to survive, according to the portal

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“Her heart was structurally healthy, and the girl survived the first 48 and 72 hours after she was born, that was a good sign,” said Charles Fraser, a surgeon at Texas Children’s Hospital.

The girl’s future is uncertain as she must continue to be subjected to constant monitoring and control by health experts in Texas hospitals so that her progress improves day by day.

Although she has recovered in an extraordinary way, since she does not have to continue taking the large number of medications that they gave her, she still has to use an oxygen tank.
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The baby’s progress is such that she is learning to crawl and is already trying to say her first words, although the scar from the operation can still be seen on her chest.

“Audrina is a true fighter and we are hopeful that she will not stop moving forward in life,” Fraser said, moved by the little girl’s struggle.

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