Admire The Extraordinary Care Of Parents For Alien Like 13 Month Girl

Yaya, the 13-month-old baby daughter, is the second child of Shezhe, one of the couple. The infant weighed only 0.05 kilograms and was 10 centimeters long at birth. Surprisingly, even though the baby is almost a year old, according to statistics, she only weighs 2.9 kilograms and is 50 centimeters tall. The baby’s appearance astonished everyone who saw her, including Vie Vie.

Vie Vie’s parents said that she spends about 2 hours a day sucking very little breast milk and consuming a small amount of formula milk through the nose. Apart from being able to express joy through her eyes or a faint smile, Yua Yua couldn’t make any noise. Additionally, Vie Vie’s skin is very dry, so her parents have to regularly massage and apply ointment to her after each bath.

After each bath, her parents spend 100,000 yuan on doctors, but they still can’t find the cause or the appropriate treatment method for the strange disease that Vie Vie has. They are actively reaching out to the media, hoping to find medical professionals who can treat this disease.

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