13 powerful photos that show the pain and joy of childbirth

Birth photography… As a mama, it makes perfect sense to me to photograph one of the most important days of my life. If I could only go back in time to do it!

Sadly, baby birth photos were barely a photography genre back when I gave birth to my little ones. As photo sessions go, birth photo sessions present unique challenges that quite possibly frighten off even an experienced photographer.

Click Love Grow graduate Alana Prosper is a veteran of the birth process herself (from both sides of the camera!). She also rocks this very special documentary style whenever she attends a childbirth as the photographer. So we asked her to give us an insight into what to expect when photographing a new life appearing. So follow us till the end to see all of Alana’s birth photography tips!

The challenges associated with birth photography dictate that you absolutely need to be shooting in manual mode to nail it. So if you’re used to shooting in auto, just take a leap of faith and learn how to master your DSLR!

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