The trendy hairstyles that mothers make for their daughters are praised by everyone for their ingenuity. ‎

Finding cute hairstyles for your little black girl can be challenging as a parent. However, Imebet Thompson, a professional hairstylist and a mother of three, is an expert in this area. Imebet has provided some helpful tips and tricks to make your child’s hair look fantastic while ensuring its health is not compromised.

Easy Natural Styles for All Hair Textures
Imebet recommends easy natural styles for all hair textures, especially for young girls with fine hair or very soft textures. These styles require less manipulation, allowing the hair to thrive without ruining its integrity. Some of the styles she recommends are two-strand twists or cute cornrows in ponytails.

For busy moms, Imebet suggests protective styles such as cornrows or twists without extensions. These styles can last up to three weeks before visiting the salon again. Medium hair can also have accessories like beads or clips, but Imebet warns not to use beads on fine hair as the weight of the beads can pull on the hair and cause it to break.

Ribbons can be used instead to make a style look cute. For thick, coarse hair, Imebet recommends only adding extensions towards the end of the hair to prevent hair from being pulled out. She prefers using kinky texture hair extensions, which are extremely lightweight and blend well with natural hair.

Choosing Hairstyles Based on Face Shapes
Imebet advises that your child’s hairstylist or braider personalize a style that complements your daughter’s face shape. She tweaks styles to contour each of their face shapes. For a round or square face, she suggests cornrows ponytail and twists in the front sweeping towards the side of their faces, or a center part twists out style to hide the high jaw bones. For long faces, side parts give the illusion of a smaller face. For oval shapes, Imebet says any hairstyle will compliment them regardless.

Styling Tips and Tricks
To add length for little girls with shorter hair, Imebet recommends using kinky texture hair extensions. She advises adding cornrows towards the ends of the hair rather than the top. She also suggests using Knotless Box Braids, a weightless and painless braid extension style. Imebet’s product recommendations are kinky texture hair extensions and Ribbons for fine hair. She also recommends detangling sprays like Mixed Chicks Kids Tangle Tamer Spray or Aunt Jackie’s Knot On My Watch Instant Detangling Therapy.

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