The Heartwarming Journey of Two Sisters with Alien-Like Crookedness

Talking to us, Mr. Hoang Van Toan happily said that his family received nearly 70 million VND from benefactors and sponsors across the country. Happier, a hospital in Hanoi contacted the family to examine and treat baby Tuyet and Nhi.

As we have informed readers of Tri Tuc Thu Electronic Newspaper about the case of Hoang Thi Bach Tuyet (7 years old) and Hoang Thi Yen Nhi (4 years old)) both reside in Lang Toi village (Yen Nguyen commune – District 1, Ho Chi Minh City). Chiem Hoa – Tuyen Quang province) suffers from scleroderma, which makes both babies look different from normal children.

Having the disease makes both sisters’ heads always tilted, hair does not grow, it is difficult to walk and stand, as well as eyes widening to look at others, causing many people pity.

Immediately after the article: “Two sisters have a strange disease that causes their head and neck to bend like an “alien” that makes everyone feel sad”, Hoang Van Toan’s family (Snow baby’s father, Nhi) received received a lot of attention, support and encouragement both mentally and physically.

Talking to us on the afternoon of June 12, Mr. Hoang Van Toan happily said: “Since the article was published, our family has received a lot of attention from readers across the country. Many people have called, texted to encourage me as well as share about the disease that my two daughters have. This makes the family extremely happy and secretly thanks readers for their hearts to join us. support to continue the healing journey for 2 children”.

Although the family took the two children to visit many places, the disease was still not cured.

Mr. Toan also said that up to now, the family has also received nearly 70 million VND from charities and benefactors via bank accounts. In addition, Mr. Toan also said that many local charities and benefactors have also come directly to the family to visit, encourage and give gifts to their two daughters.

Overjoyed, Mr. Toan also informed that a hospital in Hanoi had planned to visit and treat two little girls at home.

Joy and hope flashed to 2 girls with their heads tilted up against aliens in Tuyen Quang – Photo 3.
Looking at the two sisters, everyone couldn’t help but feel pity.

“The doctors announced that they might come to the place for examination or we would take our two daughters to Hanoi for medical examination and treatment. This is a great joy and also a great hope for the family to have a good health. I don’t know what to say other than to thank the hearts of benefactors as well as the doctors and nurses”, Mr. Toan hid his hope.

Before that, talking to us, Mr. Hoang Van Toan (born in 1986) who is a father of two children could not help but regretfully said: “My wife and I got married in 2009 and in 2011 gave birth to baby Tuyet, at birth. After all, he still developed like normal children. However, later discovered that he had strange symptoms, so the family took him to the doctor and the doctors said he had scleroderma.”

Mr. Toan also said that in 2013, the family continued to give birth to the second child, Hoang Thi Yen Nhi. Nhi continued to suffer from the same disease as her older sister.

Although the family has many economic difficulties, when they have a little money left over, they bring their two daughters to many places to visit but still have not recovered.

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