A Woman Delivering Her Third Set of Triplets In Succession

Abigail Adama, 30, gave birth at Bradford Royal Infirmary to the baby girls, who as yet have not been named. She and her husband Shaibu Abu-Adama, who moved to Bradford from Ghana in 2013, have a pair of four-year-olds and a pair of 18-month-old twins.

Their oldest twins are brother and sister, Ohene and Ohenewa, and their second twins are  Okese and Nana-Oye.Mrs Adama and her husband Shaibu Abu-Adama, also 30, of Sutton Road, Tyersal, said they wereastounded when they found out they were expecting another set of twins.

“We thought we were done with two sets, and then all of a sudden I realised I was pregnant again; it was a big shock and I cried because I was was not expecting it.The other kids are so happy to have two new baby sisters and could not wait to see them for the first time.” She said.According to statistics The odd of having 3 consecutive sets of twins is 500, 000 to 1. But here she is.

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