6-legged Boy’s Process of Learning To Walk And His Mother’s Love

On April 13, a newborn baby with birth defects was born in Sukkar һosѕpіtаl, Pakistan. The child’s father, Mr. Imran Shaikh, was heartbroken when he learned that his son had 6-legged Boy’s due to a congenital deformity. Despite this, the doctors of һosѕpіtаl said that it is not at all difficult to perform an operation to remove the extra legs.

A child with six legs was born in Pakistan. Despite being born with a birth defect, according to doctors, the baby is said to be in good health. The medical staff has taken all necessary precautions to protect the baby from infection.

The most worrying thing right now is that Mr. Imran Shaikh’s family cannot afford the surgery to amputate the extra leg. Mr Imran shared: “My monthly salary is only US$67, we cannot afford the child’s treatment.”

6-legged Boy's

Dr. Muhammad Qaiser of the Institute of Medicine Engineering in Islamabad confirmed that this is the first case of a 6-legged Boy’s in the history of Pakistan. Now, Mr. Imran Sheikh has brought his son home. Mr Imran said he is seeking help from beneficiaries and NGOs

The baby is healthy despite being born with a birth defect.

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